Both for experts and beginners, including a variety of state-of-the-art features.

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Work in teams

Work together in teams on AI-projects, where a group consisting of members and project leader can co-operate by sharing their model and lets everyone work on the same workspace. The project leader will be able to monitor the work progress of the entire process throughout the project. The users can leave comments, easily merge contributions and view changes via a built-in version control.

Template models

Use pre-built state-of-the-art models for a variety of different practices by easily importing them into your workspace, where you can edit and train them on your custom data. No need to read up on a ton of whitepapers to find your model, you can just look through our pre-defined categories to find it.

Friendly UI

We have carefully developed an intuitive but powerful user experience, which allows you to create customized model architectures with the depth you will get from coding but the simplicity from a drag and drop. Our end-to-end visualization tools then allow you to view and analyze the model in a fully transparent way which both increases understanding and allows for error searching.


Train on local machine, cloud or private cluster, where you can distribute your training over all available GPUs. By loading datasets from the cloud, you can manage much larger datasets. Thanks to our partnership with Microsoft we provide a one-click connection to the cloud from where you can load your data and deploy your models, either for training or production. With our algorithms we let you know in advance how long time the training will take versus how much it will cost.


We provide full flexibility by allowing the user to fully customize the tiniest details of their model all the way up to completely automatically generating their full model with no hands-on. This is done by allowing the user to view and edit the code of every component or to use our state-of-the-art AI-solution called BlackBox-training for model and hyperparameter generation.


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