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PerceptiLabs is a tool to visually build and interpret models. Transform your data into production-ready models that you can trust.

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PerceptiLabs builds upon three simple steps

Data-first approach

Working with datasets and defining the problem should be as simple as ABC.

We have created a universal tabular format for all different data types, where you easily can define the problem that you want your model to solve.

Rapid visual modeling

Do you want to focus on modeling rather than all the ins and outs of TensorFlow? Great!

This interactive interface lets you build your model using simple drag-and-drop. Rapidly try different models, backbones, and layers, while seeing how the data is being transformed.

Simple but powerful insights

Create explainable production-ready models that you can understand and trust. We have made sure that debugging and interpreting your model is easier than ever.

When you are satisfied with your model’s performance, easily export and deploy your model to your favorite format.

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"PerceptiLabs has an amazingly easy-to-use GUI."
Bill Wright
Head of AI/ML and Intelligent Edge for Global Verticals, Red Hat
"The software is fast and intuitive, and the statistics views are incredibly informative."
Harry Horsley
ML Researcher, UCL
"PerceptiLabs’ visual modeling tool is great for students and data science professionals."
Alexander Fred-Ojala
AI& Blockchain Director, L2L, UC Berkeley
"The ease of use and GUI of PerceptiLabs were some of the early advantages that drew us to the tool."
Jack Bramley
Staff Scientist, Washington University School in Saint Louis School of Medicine: Department of Genetics
"I find it easy, intuitive and beautiful to look at."
Piero Molino
fmr. Senior ML / NLP Research
Scientist II, Uber AI at Uber
"Having been engaged with AI/ML thinking for decades now, I was immediately struck by the power of Perceptilabs' visual modelling concept."
Julian Moore
ML Developer

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