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Increase your productivity with structure

Pre-process data, build, train and evaluate models, ship to production, repeat. It's MLOps made easy.
Stay organized with model and data versioning.

Blazing fast modeling

See how each operation transforms the data and rapidly iterate on your models by simply dragging, dropping, and connecting components.
With full code access, you can customize models and components.

Trust and understand your model

Quickly understand your models with auto-generated metrics.
Evaluate, compare, and benchmark your models with the click of a button.
With a secure and scalable infrastructure built on top of Kubernetes and OpenShift, you can train and interpret multiple models simultaneously in real-time.

One button-click to use your model

We have partnered with Intel to provide you with world-class model optimization. Export in the format you need to easily deploy into your custom infrastructure.
We have integrated Gradio so that you can deploy your model.

Top leading research at your fingertips

Together with our community, we are gathering public datasets and State-of-the-Art models for everyone to use and easily apply in PerceptiLabs.
Learn more about public datasets, models, components, and how you can contribute.

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