About us

At PerceptiLabs, our north star is to accelerate and advance explainabilityin machine learning by providing speed and transparency in model development.

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Our team

We’re data scientists and developers who not only wanted a faster way to build machine learning models, but a visual way to understand what the model was doing and to share that insight with others. So we built it.

Our development started in 2016, from a garage in Sweden. Now our headquarters is in San Francisco and our team spans the globe. Expect to see more from us as we grow!

Martin I.
CEO, Co-founder
San Francisco, CA
Robert L.
CTO, Co-founder
Stockholm, Sweden
Craig M.
Infrastructure & Security
Vancouver, WA
Anton K.
ML Engineer
Gothenburg, Sweden
Mukund S.
ML Engineer
Stockholm, Sweden
Jon P.
Backend SWE
Seattle, WA
Rohan M.
Backend SWE
San Francisco, CA
Adil S.
San Francisco, CA
Derek L.
Boulder, CO
Anton B.
Frontend SWE
Chisinau, Moldova
David C.
Fullstack SWE
Toronto, ON
Suzie O.
UI/UX Designer
Los Angeles, CA
Ysanne Y.
UI/UX Designer
Caroline L.
Marketing & DevRel
Vancouver, BC
Dana F.
Knowledge Engineer
Vancouver, BC
Stacey A.
Marketing Specialist
Vancouver, BC

Our investors